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Tariffs – back to the drawing board

The beleaguered process to establish a guideline tariff list for healthcare providers has yet again stumbled to a halt after the HPCSA published a new proposed process for what it termed ‘the determination of a set of fees that can be used as a norm or benchmark for what could be regarded as reasonable for […]

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Tariffs standstill starting to move?

The process of setting a guideline tariff that the HPCSA can use to assess overcharging by practitioners has moved a step forward, following a meeting in April attended by stakeholders who made submissions into the process. The meeting was unprecedented insofar as it was the first time that different interest groups were brought together to […]

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Doctors, you Have Rights … Use them!

Elsabé Klinck Through doing what we call ‘doctor talks’, I have come to the deep realisation that doctors feel extremely under siege. This is not only as a result of the sheer volume of health-sector changes currently taking place (many in abbreviation form – DCST, HDACC, DHIMS, OHSC – to name but a few), but […]

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HPCSA Pulls Plug on its Own Unscientific Guideline Tariffs – for Now

Following the public outcry by private doctors and dentists over the so-called new Guideline Tariffs published by the HPCSA recently, the council announced last night that it will delay the publication of the fees in the Government Gazzette. “The delay in the publication was due to consideration of the reaction of the practitioners on the […]

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Competition Commission Urged to Intervene in Health Care Pricing Mess

With frustration mounting over the pricing chaos caused by the scrapping of the Reference Price List (RPL), doctors have been lining up at the door of the Competition Commission to beg the authority to revoke its 2004 ruling that barred collective tariff negotiations between health care providers and funders. Both the SA Medical Association (Sama) […]

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