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Innovative pharma companies unite under IPASA

Research-based pharmaceutical companies in SA will ‘speak with one voice’ through the formation of the Innovative Pharmaceutical Association SA (IPASA). Formed on 2 April 2013, IPASA was officially launched at a media briefing on 21 May in Sandton, representing 24 multinational research-based pharmaceutical companies active in SA. IPASA will now replace the Pharmaceutical Industry Association […]

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Goodbye to PIASA as industry moves to ‘one voice’

The Pharmaceutical Industry Association of South Africa (PIASA) has closed its doors, effective 31 March, in preparation for the formation of a new pharmaceutical industry association in SA. The new association will see members from Innovative Medicines of South Africa (IMSA) and PIASA combining resources to establish a new single pharmaceutical entity. A task team […]

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Generics companies unhappy with SEP increase

Generics companies have expressed dis-appointed at the 2013 single exit price (SEP) increase of 5.8% announced by the health department in January. Dr Fathima Docrat, CEO of the National Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (NAPM), said in a press statement: “The industry received a 0% increase in 2011 and 2.14% in 2012. “Using the criteria contained in […]

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Preferential Procurement – SA Has What it Takes

SA drug manufacturers are well geared to compete against the prices of imported generics, which account for roughly half of the generics supplied to the government. According to Stavros Nicolaou, chairman of Pharm­aceuticals Made in SA (Pharmisa) and senior executive of Aspen Pharmacare, a large number of drugs used in the public health sector are […]

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Pharmaceutical Industry Seeks Fair and Equitable Benchmarking of Prices

The pharmaceutical industry and other stakeholders have until March to respond to government’s proposed legislation that will see the introduction of international benchmarking of originator medicine prices in SA. The Department of Health’s (DoH) Pricing Committee has called for the urgent adoption of the legislation, which could see an immediate reduction of 10% in the […]

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