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Law in Practice: Reviewing practice documents: an annual necessity

Elsabé Klinck At the beginning of each year, it is a good habit to review the way in which one conducts one’s business. Along with setting goals for the practice, including personal, financial and professional goals, it may be good to review the documents and procedures adopted by the practice for the new year. It […]

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Doctors, you Have Rights … Use them!

Elsabé Klinck Through doing what we call ‘doctor talks’, I have come to the deep realisation that doctors feel extremely under siege. This is not only as a result of the sheer volume of health-sector changes currently taking place (many in abbreviation form – DCST, HDACC, DHIMS, OHSC – to name but a few), but […]

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Law in Practice: Health Legislation and Policy – What’s in Store for 2012?

 Elsabé Klinck The year 2012 will see several legislative changes and implementation of various policies, some of which were announced in the second half of 2011. In this article, the legislative and policy changes already announced will be addressed, as well as those likely to occur in this year. These changes will provide healthcare stakeholders […]

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Law in Practice: Legal Perspectives on National Health Insurance

Elsabé Klinck  With the release of the Green Paper on National Health Insurance (NHI), many questions are being asked as to the legal aspects relating to the new health plan for SA. These questions relate to the various legal frameworks that may need to be created or changed, as well as whether the various aspects […]

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Law in Practice: Accreditation, Standards and Compliance of Private Practices

Elsabé Klinck With the amendments to the National Health Act of 2003 being published for comment, the publication of standards and the accreditation of health care establishments to ensure quality of care are being considered by many stakeholders. Coupled with possible regulations on medical devices, and the requirements set by other standards legislation, doctors should […]

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Law in Practice: Quality Takes a Front Seat in Health Act Amendment

Elsabé Klinck An amendment to the National Health Act of 2003 was published for comment in January, with the comment period closing at the end of next month. The amendment aims to establish the Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) as an ‘organ of state’, accountable to the Minister of Health. The Department of Health […]

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