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Pharma sector welcomes launch of new medicines regulator

Government has signed the Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Act (2008), marking the official existence of the much-anticipated South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) as of today. The body is now in preparation to officially take over operations from the Medicines Control Council (MCC). (more…)

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DPPs: More Confusion as MCC Issues another Withdrawal Order

Confusion is again reigning in the saga surrounding the withdrawal of dextropropoxyphene (DPP)-containing medicines in SA after the Medicines Control Council (MCC) sent out another letter to doctors and pharmacists confirming its April decision to deregister and withdraw all DPPs from the South African market. However, it failed to mention that the appeals process involving […]

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Law in Practice: Complementary and Alternative Medicines Regulations: Are All Medicines Now Equal?

Elsabe Klink In July 2011, the Minister of Health published, on the advice of the Medicines Control Council (MCC), draft regulations on complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs). Unlike previous versions of drafts aiming to regulate CAMs, this draft version is an amendment to the 2003 General Regulations on Medicines, thereby bringing complementary medicine into the […]

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False Medical Claims: Cracking Down on Quack ‘Cures’ for HIV

Dr Fatima Laher Having worked in clinical trials, I know first-hand the scientific rigor applied to testing medicines before they are approved for use of the South African public by the Medicines Control Council. Ethical and safety data are seriously considered; products are licensed for the particular uses for which they have been proven. However, none […]

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Marketing Code to Enforce Ethical Business Practices in the Health Product Industry

After nearly four years of lobbying and consultation to get all stakeholders involved in the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices/diagnostics on board, the SA Code of Practice for the Marketing of Health Products is finally being implemented. Last month, all associations representing pharmaceuticals, generic medicines, medical devices, self-medication, laboratory diagnostics and […]

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