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The cost of medical schemes

With more above-inflation medical scheme tariff increases on the horizon for 2017, many consumers have been left bewildered by the escalating costs of medical care. Most feel powerless in the face of double-digit increases. (more…)

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SASA concerned about draft amendments to PMBs

The South African Society of Anaesthesiologists (SASA) notes with concern a move that may result in loss of patient benefits and multiple additional burdens placed on medical practitioners as a result of the new draft amendments to Regulations 5 and 8 of the Medical Schemes Act as it pertains to reporting requirements and Prescribed Minimum […]

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Taking the Gap: The Marikana lesson

Dr Ron Kemper I read an interesting article ( by Arthur Mackay, an international economic analyst, alleging that the Marikana massacre was the result of unscrupulous labour brokering by Cyril Ramaphosa. He allegedly had the contract to supply Marikana with miners on a salary notch of R12 500 a month. This he did, apparently, but […]

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Practice Matters Managed Care: The Roots of Discontent

Prof  Morgan Chetty   Healthcare providers are becoming increasingly irate with techniques employed under the guise of managed care to disallow or prevent care or to employ nonevidence-based reasons to control healthcare. Sadhina Vora (Harvard University) stated that, “Complaints about managed care hang thick in the healthcare atmosphere of the US.” There is a belief […]

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Managed Care Red Tape: Whose Money is it Anyway?

In the third article in Medical Chronicle’s practice management series, Lifechoice tackles the contentious subject of managed care, looking at the role of GPs vs managed care companies in the effective management of patient care. Prior to 1995, there was little to no managed care in SA. Managed care then took off and the South […]

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Taking the Gap: A Marriage of Inconvenience

Dr Ron Kemper As long as humans have walked the face of the earth, they have needed dedicated people to assist them through their illnesses, and so began their relationship with practitioners of the healing arts. This makes the healing professions as old as man himself, and it means we could be walking man’s path with […]

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Practice Matters: Low-option Schemes – A Time Bomb?

Prof Morgan Chetty  Medical practitioners subscribe to caring for the poor and to the principle of social responsibility. They are willing to service patients who are genuinely admitted into these low-option schemes because they can’t afford better, formal and traditional healthcare packages. But we are increasingly seeing patients who have bought down from more expensive […]

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Medical Schemes’ Contribution Increases under the Microscope

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) has approved most medical schemes’ contribution increases for 2011, despite criticizing funders for ignoring its recommendation that these hikes should be confined within a range of 4.9%-5.2%. According to the council’s registrar and chief executive Dr Monwabisi Gantsho, the CMS is aware of the cost pressures facing schemes and […]

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