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Sexual health is important

Sexual health is essential to an individual’s general health, affecting quality of life and psychosocial and emotional wellbeing. However, sexual problems are estimated to affect 40%-45% of women and 20%-30% of men, with the prevalence increasing as individuals grow older. (more…)

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Using the Penis as a Barometer to General Health

Rory du Plessis A standard feature of male sexual health articles is the description of the penis as a barometer of overall health. This is supported by findings that link failing erections with common medical ailments, including obesity, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. More specifically, the penis is deemed a barometer of […]

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The Relationship between ED and Bicycling

Dr Elna McIntosh  Cardiovascular exercise such as jogging, soccer, running, swimming and tennis has been associated with decreased prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED). While bicycle riding is a form of cardiovascular exercise, it is associated with an increased prevalence of ED. The primary problem with bicycle riding is the bicycle saddle. While the rider is […]

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Sexual Function in Hypertensive Men

Dr Prithy Ramlachan Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common disorder of the male population, affecting both patients and their partners, creating distress, reduced relationship satisfaction, quality of life and wellbeing. In the landmark Massachussets Male Aging Study, 30% of men who responded as having ED also reported a history of hypertension. Some published data have […]

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Docs can Improve Diabetics’ Sex Lives

Dr Lorraine Becker “Health, more than age, tends to affect people’s sex lives; men and women who said their health was poor were less likely to be sexually active.” (American Sexual Aging Survey [ASAS]). “Sexual health, when it begins to deteriorate, can be an important early warning sign of more profound health problems.” (Dr Stacy Tesser […]

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