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The Medici app is revolutionising the doctor-patient relationship

Designed by doctors for doctors, Medici is an app that is revolutionising the doctor-patient relationship. It’s now available in SA and will continue to expand into Africa. It’s the next-generation secure messaging app that gives medical providers instant access to their patients, enabling them to communicate and consult via text, call or video, anytime, anywhere.

Patient consultations can be lengthy and time spent on each patient can often be unregulated, until now. Launched in the United States, Medici Africa encourages physicians to manage their own time more effectively from the comfort of their own home. The consultation fee is determined by the doctor, giving them complete control over revenue and the ability to monetise patient interactions.

The app hosts an array of medical providers such as GPs, paediatricians, dermatologists, dentists, mental health providers, nutritionists, dieticians and even veterinarians. All members of the app are encouraged to utilise Medici for easy contact with patients without the costly overheads of a medical suite. Each provider will also have the flexibility to choose their own working hours and free up their schedules for more urgent in-office appointments.

Medical aid providers are in full support of Medici due to the consultation levies being significantly lower than a visit to a doctor. In fact, their members are encouraged to use Medici, especially for less abrasive and easily diagnosed issues. Patients without medical aid or those on a hospital plan will find the app most beneficial due to the reasonable consultation fees. All payments are monitored by Medici’s subscription accounts service, giving physicians one less thing to worry about.

“This innovation in healthcare technology is changing the way doctors and patients communicate and bridging the gap between them,” says Clinton Phillips, founder and CEO of Medici and former chiropractor and rugby player from South Africa. “Over and above normal in-room consultations, Medici acts as an added service for patients which allows the physician to set their own fees and hours in a controlled environment. This model works extremely well for follow up appointments.”

Additional benefits of Medici:

  • The secure messaging tool allows for easier management of patients and accessibility from anywhere
  • Freedom to text, call & video with patients on the provider’s terms
  • An opportunity to increase patient retention and eliminate patient visits to emergency rooms
  • A compensation-based health care delivery model determined by the provider
  • A better work-life balance that allows providers the flexibility to determine their availability for patient communications via the app
  • Reduction of overhead from administrative costs associated with medical practices.

“Medici has given me the opportunity to provide and bill for after-hours care in a manner that is convenient to both my patients and me.” Dr Elaine Hamilton, Westlake Pediatrics (Austin, TX).

Medici has created an easy to use app, designed by doctors for doctors. To get started today, download Medici for free via the App Store or Google Play. For more information, please visit

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