GEMS Healthcare update

Join the global fight against viral hepatitis

While not all types of hepatitis are easily preventable, awareness of this group of health conditions affecting the liver can help people to seek the medical care they need and take precautions to prevent infection as far as possible. (more…)

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coping with stress

Substance abuse is not a coping mechanism for stress

Stress affects people in a number of different ways, both physically and emotionally. Some people smoke, drink alcohol, use prescription medication or recreational drugs in an effort to reduce stress. Unfortunately this can make their problems much worse. (more…)

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Burns Congress

South African Burn Society Congress coming up

The South African Burn Society has announced their 2017 Congress entitled “Burns: Current practice and the future”.  This will be taking place on Thursday 3 August to Saturday 5 August 2017 at the Vineyard Hotel in Newlands, Cape Town. (more…)

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Deaf SA

App provides virtual pharmacist for Deaf people

When most people go to the pharmacy to collect their medication, they are able to talk to the pharmacist, ask questions about their medication and read the printed directions on the product label. (more…)

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Regulation of dietary supplements

HPA and MCA join forces to regularise dietary supplement advertising

The Health Products Association of Southern Africa (HPA) has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Marketing Code Authority (MCA) in order to promote the ethical and credible advertising and marketing practices for nutritional and dietary supplements and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAMS) products in South Africa. (more…)

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Aspen new partnership

Aspen forges new partnership in the field of Thrombosis

Aspen Pharmacare, South Africa’s largest pharmaceutical company and in the JSE’s top twenty, has partnered with Russia’s Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education, the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), to promote the study and use of sophisticated and innovative technologies in the fields of thrombosis and anaesthesiology. (more…)

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Technology key to integrated healthcare

“Before talking about how to implement technology, we need to ensure we have an environment in which to execute it,” said Mia Malan (Director of Bhekisisa, Mail & Guardian Health Editor). “The biggest challenge when we want to implement technology effectively is that the public and private healthcare systems are not integrated. They don’t share […]

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Nutrition-supplements SA

Supplements dominate the retail health market

The best way to beat the rising cost of healthcare, especially now with our economy in a recession, is to invest in your health to prevent illness. With some chilly months still ahead of us, we’re not clear of the colds-and-flu season yet, and you need to keep your immune system operating optimally. And if […]

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Drug Awareness Week

Abuse of legal substances is also drug abuse

A recent survey revealed that 4% of graduate professionals indicated they use substances like alcohol or medication to cope with stress. In light of Drug Awareness Week, Dr Dominique Stott, Executive: Medical Standards and Services at PPS says it is important that people understand that drug abuse not only involves the misuse of illegal drugs, […]

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Renowned SA children’s heart surgeon to host major surgical masterclass

Following an illustrious career approaching 50 years during which he performed more than 15 000 open heart surgeries, internationally renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, Professor Robin Kinsley, will be hosting his last major training symposium– something he considers as a life-saving gift to the children of Africa and the medical fraternity he has so tirelessly served over […]

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