Pneumococcal disease

Pneumococcal vaccination critical in HIV

HIV positive or immune-compromised patients are at a high risk of contracting a potentially fatal pneumococcal disease. (more…)

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Medical device industry

New Code to help harmonise medical and business ethics

South African medical device industry is stepping up its oversight of the interactions between suppliers of medical devices and customers in order to ensure that patient interests come first and ethical standards are adhered to. (more…)

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Day hospitals

Day hospitals, an answer to a conundrum of rising healthcare costs for South Africans?

South Africans are faced with the constant increases in the cost of living and an ailing economy, forcing consumers to cut down on spending across the board. (more…)

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Wits oncology

Advances in the management of breast and colorectal cancer

Breast and colorectal cancer are amongst the most common cancers in SA. In recent years, patient outcomes have been given a significant boost following major advances in the treatment of both these cancers, especially for the aggressive Her2-positive breast cancer and metastatic colorectal cancer. (more…)

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Safe storage of medicine

A guide to storing medicine

Even as a healthy adult, you probably have some medicine in your home, for the occasional headache, allergic reaction, cold sore, or oven burn. But medication has a shelf life. And how you store it affects its longevity and the safety of your family. (more…)

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Healthcare in South Africa

Improving South Africa’s health sector

As SA moves towards rolling out universal health coverage (UHC) through the implementation of a National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme, the focus remains on the viability and sustainability of such a system in a country burdened by a myriad of health and socio-economic challenges. (more…)

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Dealing with diabetic children

Dealing with the emotions of children with diabetes

Having a child or teenager with diabetes adds a new and different dimension to parenting. To love and care for the child and promote all his or her potential is one dimension – to take good care of diabetes is quite another. Often these goals seem to contradict each other, yet they need not do […]

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Critical Care Society’s upcoming refresher course

SA’s finest minds in the field of critical care will come together in July to discuss and debate the imperatives and challenges in the fast-evolving field of ICU medicine. (more…)

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Africa Health beneficiaries

Africa Health Congress highlights

Every year, all the proceeds from the 13 conferences held at Africa Health Exhibition and Congress held at Gallagher Conference Centre in Midrand are handed over to beneficiaries who are doing exceptional work in the field of healthcare. (more…)

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