Skin culture transplant

Successful, cost-effective skin culture performed

A ground-breaking technique was recently performed by a team of doctors at Tygerberg Hospital and Stellenbosch University. The world’s first successful life-saving and cost-effective skin culture transplant was achieved. (more…)

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IPASA’s view on PMBs

Will PMB changes mean compromised care?

The National Department of Health recently gazetted proposed changes to regulations governing the payment of Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) by medical schemes, prompting a national debate. While the need for changes is acknowledged, it is important that this change does not compromise quality of care for medical scheme members. (more…)

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Insomnia treatment

Insomnia: More than just a sleep disturbance

Insomnia was previously viewed as a sleep disturbance that was secondary to a medical condition, psychiatric illness, sleep disorder, or medication, and would improve with treatment of the underlying disorder. However, evidence over the past 20 years indicates that this view is incorrect. (more…)

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African Society for Sexual Medicine

Sexual Medicine Congress – a first in SA

Care can never be considered holistic if sexuality and intimacy are not addressed. With the overwhelming association of sexual and intimacy difficulties with chronic illnesses and the links with depression, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, HIV and cancer, with sexual problems, it is imperative that all healthcare workers build confidence and skills in meeting the ever-growing need […]

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Every value-based arrangement is centred on rewarding performance

Healthcare trends

Prof Chetty looks at the trends emerging from various healthcare profiling programmes and the looming challenges to achieve appropriate and accountable care. (more…)

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Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction has shown improved outcomes with evidence-based treatment but heart failure with preserved ejection fraction has not shown any improved outcomes with treatment demonstrating our lack of effective therapies for this condition. (more…)

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Diverse causes of ADHD could explain the diverse manifestations of the disorder

ADHD: One or many conditions?

Researchers have been puzzling over how one diagnosis, namely ADHD, can have such different manifestations. How do we understand its marked heterogeneity in symptom presentation and impairments? How does this question relate to the changes seen in the diagnosis of ADHD in DSM-5? (more…)

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Vitamin B12 deficiency is easily, and often, missed

Vitamin B12 deficiency in an ageing world

Dr Lindy Sinclair, Specialist Physician in part time private practice Deficiency in vitamin B12 is common in older people. It has significant health effects, and is easy to treat.  Despite this, it is often missed and it is important that healthcare providers have a high index of suspicion for the condition in order to provide […]

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The stem cells were released to treat an eight-month-old baby boy at Duke University in North Carolina, US

First cord blood unit released by a private stem cell bank in SA

Netcells Biosciences has confirmed that it has released its first cord blood unit for transplant. Not only is this a first for the Johannesburg-based facility, it is also the first cord blood unit to be released by a private stem cell bank in SA. (more…)

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Despite strong and long-term evidence that medically assisted treatment saves lives, access to state-funded medication is only offered in one small trial site in the Western Cape

Substitution therapy crucial in fighting addiction

Substance abuse is an enormous problem in SA and affects people from a range of social demographics.  Substances abused include opioids, opiates, alcohol, cannabis and codeine. (more…)

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